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The Organic Garden Co specialise in raised garden beds and chicken coops  made here in Brisbane, Australia. They are made from recyclable, high-strength BlueScope steel that is made to last in the Australian climate. All of our chicken coops also come with a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind that your pets and animals are always safe at home. 

Assembly is easy  with the SNAPTiTE assembly system which means fewer screws and predrilled holes for quicker assembly. Our chicken coops come in two colours, Zincalume® or Pale Eucalypt®, and a variety of different sizes depending on how many feathered friends you are looking to house. The coops can also be used as a bird aviary, shelter for other animals or as a rehabilitation enclosure for injured wildlife. 


Why are so many Australians are buying chickens?  


There are many reasons why you may choose to buy chickens for your backyard. Not only are hens relatively low-maintenance birds to keep, but they also provide multiple educational opportunities for children. Learning how to care for a pet, how the food cycle works, and teaching responsibility with daily egg collection and chicken coop maintenance, are all great lessons for the kids to get involved with.  

While chickens can be costly initially, many would agree that they are worthwhile in the long run. Hens generally lay one egg a day and their free-range eggs are a more nutritious inclusion to our diets compared to grocery-bought eggs usually laid in less optimal conditions. 

Chickens are also great as they produce manure for use in your gardens and backyards which will keep your lawns and gardens healthy, not to mention the cost savings made by not needing to buy fertiliser. They will also keep your garden free from bugs and insects as they will eat them and keep damage to all your hard work at a minimum!  

Finally, food scraps can also be incorporated into your chicken’s diet, reducing household food waste and keeping your chickens nice and healthy. Chickens are omnivores, so are happy to have both vegetable and meat scraps in addition to their normal feed. 


Why buy an Organic Garden Co chicken coop? 


Many types of chicken coops are available on the market made from varying materials. The Organic Garden Co DIY chicken coop kits are a permanent structure made from BlueScope steel and come with a lifetime warranty. Many others on the market are not as sturdy and your chickens could be more susceptible to predators. 

We highly recommend that our chicken coops are anchored down onto a concrete slab; this reduces the possibility of other wild animals and pets getting into the enclosure as well as ensuring it adheres to our warranty guidelines. You can sleep easily knowing that your pets are safe from other animals and Australia’s harsh weather.  

All chicken coops come with a full-sized single side access door. This makes entering and exiting the coop easier to tend to your chickens. Wide mesh panels are also included, which make for easier viewing and cleaning and supply sufficient ventilation, reducing the potential smells and odours. 

The strong BlueScope steel makes the chicken coops low maintenance as they can be easily wiped down and cleaned. Compared to other wood, plastic or mesh chicken coops on the market, our coops are stronger, can withstand harsh climates, and will not rot and deteriorate over time.  


Do our chicken coops come with feeders and drinkers?  


Two of our smaller-sized chicken coops come with feeders and drinkers included in the DIY pack. Feeders and drinkers have many benefits for your chickens. They ensure that their feed is kept off the ground and dry which helps deter rodents and is more hygienic for your chickens.  

Not only does it keep feed and water off the ground, but it also reduces wastage as the chickens are only eating what they need rather than leaving feed out, which can lead to more mess in the coop.  


What roof types are best? 


The Organic Garden Co chicken coops come in two roof styles, a flat roof and a gable roof. Depending on where you plan to place your chicken coop, we have options that will suit your chicken’s needs.  

If your space is uncovered and more susceptible to rain and colder weather, a gable roof may be better to ensure water runoff and condensation don't occur in your coop and you keep your chickens and their feed dry. 

A flat roof may be ideal if you plan to house your chickens in a partially covered area or have a smaller area to work with.  


What size chicken coop should I get? 


Generally, it is recommended that each hen has 2m2 to allow them to be comfortable in their chicken coop. However, at a minimum, each hen must have at least 1m2 – ideally, the more space you can give them, the better!  

We offer six different sizes in our chicken coop range. Depending on your backyard space and how many chickens you plan to have (and can have within your council area), we have options to suit your needs. 


How to build The Organic Garden Co chicken coop 


Our chicken coops come in flat packages ready to go with all the necessary screws and fittings for assembly. Some additional tools may be needed for construction, these are outlined in the instruction manuals. We recommend you read the manual carefully before constructing your chicken aviary. 

All our coops come with Absco's patented SNAPTiTE assembly system, meaning fewer screws and a stronger finished product without the need for internal bracing. Due to the mesh panels, our coops can be a bit more complex to construct compared to our standard sheds. We, therefore, recommend having at least one other person, if not two to help, and setting aside approximately half a day for assembly, depending on your coop size and confidence in DIY. 


Do I need council approval to set up a chicken aviary?  


From a structural perspective, our largest chicken coop should not require council approval, however, each council may have varying requirements. We highly recommend you check with your local council before buying your backyard coop and planning to raise chickens. 

Councils will generally not have an issue with households having chickens except for roosters. Once again, we recommend checking with your local council to understand how many chickens you can house and whether you need a permit.  


How do I care for my chicken coop? 


The steel and wide mesh on our chicken coops means that cleaning is relatively easy. They can be easily wiped down with water and vinegar.  


Purchase a chicken aviary online with The Organic Garden Co! We offer flexible payment options like Afterpay.