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Grow healthy plants in style with our collection of raised garden beds!

Do you have limited space in your front or backyard? The Organic Garden Co’s raised garden beds are the ideal solution! Available in a great range of colours, height options and sizes, our raised garden beds can be mixed and matched to create your dream garden. 

All raised garden beds come with a five-year warranty for your peace of mind, but we’re confident you’ll be impressed with the corrosion-resistant materials and long-lasting, fade-resistant colours. Shop online or in-store at your local Bunnings or Mitre 10!

About our raised garden beds

The Organic Garden Co specialises in raised garden beds (without a base) that are very fast and easy to assemble in under five minutes. Each garden bed can be easily put together without any screws thanks to the SNAPTiTE posts that slide and lock into place. With safety in mind, all our raised garden beds also come with rolled edges, making them safe for assembly and child safety once assembled.

You can spend less time building and more time gardening with The Organic Garden Co.

Our raised garden beds are manufactured in Brisbane, Australia, at Absco Shed’s factory, with the SNAPTiTE posts also manufactured locally in Brisbane. The Colorbond garden beds are made from high-strength BlueScope steel and come in a variety of colours and shapes that will look great in any backyard or vegetable patch. We’ve also included a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.  

Most of our Colorbond raised garden beds are available in the following colours: Zincalume, Monument, Surfmist and Woodland Grey

Our garden beds come in a few different shapes and heights: square, L-shaped and rectangle – there's something suitable for your needs. We even have smaller garden beds in blue and red which are perfect for young children – get them outdoors and gardening today! 

*The extra-high garden beds require additional garden supplies, including a drill, a 6mm drill bit, and a spanner, to install the bracing kit and give the garden bed extra strength..  


The benefits of home gardening


Right now, people of all ages are looking to try their hand at home gardening. More people are spending time at home and looking at home improvements. Coupled with the rising cost of living and some food shortages due to unusual weather, there’s never been a better time to try and grow your own produce with a vegetable garden.  

Not only is gardening a great hobby for all ages, it’s also quite relaxing and very rewarding. Nurturing something from either a seed or seedling and watching it thrive brings great satisfaction. It’s also a great opportunity to teach children about the different stages of the life cycle and how to be responsible for something. Spending time in the outdoors, partaking in light exercise and getting vitamin D is also very important for a healthy body and mind! 

Growing vegetables yourself is sustainable; you know exactly what goes into your plants and produce. Any way to reduce pollution, including plastic packaging, chemicals, and pesticides, is great for the environment and your body.  

Gardening is accessible to anyone, be it an indoor plant, potted plants, growing in raised garden beds or wide expansive vegetable patches - you’ve just got to have a go!


Why choose a raised garden bed? 


There are many different garden beds on the market that serve different purposes depending on what you want to plant and the space you have available in your home. A raised garden bed is a great choice if you have some backyard space available as it can be easily placed onto grass or on top of soil. They are not a permanent fixture, so they can be moved or dismantled if needed, which makes it a great option for renters and first-time gardeners.  

Raised garden beds take up less space than planting directly into the ground. They also have better drainage as they sit higher than planted into the ground, resulting in less soil being compacted. This also makes our garden beds easier to maintain – sitting off the ground means there’s a reduced chance of weeds, as you are not utilising the existing soil that may have weed seeds.

It also reduces the chance for pests and animals to get into the beds and spoil your goods; netting, can be easily set up and hung without animals getting in.  

Our cheap raised garden beds are also a great choice for those with mobility issues. Being raised off the ground means you don’t need to bend down as low compared to in ground beds, it will save your back! We also have an extra high garden bed that is at an accessible height for wheelchair users. 


What can I grow in my raised garden bed? 


Our corrugated garden beds are great for growing vegetables, plants, and flowers. When planning your garden, consider how wide and tall the plant will be when it grows, as overcrowding the bed will result in a less fruitful harvest. It is also important to consider how the roots of a particular plant may grow to help you plan accordingly.   

As our veggie garden beds come in different shapes and heights, it is also important to consider what you plant in the bed you buy. Our square-shaped garden beds are slightly lower, so they may be better suited to flowers and plants that grow vertically. However, our extra-high garden beds are great if you want to grow root vegetables, as the height leaves more room for the vegetables to grow in the soil.  

Our narrow garden beds look great along border perimeters and fence lines, filled with colourful flowers — your raised garden bed can double as a decorative piece! You may also grow herbs or vines; the choices are endless! 


How do I set up my raised garden bed? 


The Organic Garden Co raised garden beds are very easy to put together within minutes. Our Colorbond planter boxes come with steel panels, SNAPTiTE posts and caps. No tools are necessary for assembly, though we do recommend using gloves when constructing your garden bed.  

Once your raised flower bed is set up, you are ready to start filling. We do not recommend you fill the whole bed up with soil as it is not needed, let alone very expensive to do so!

We recommend keeping the box the raised bed came in and using it as one of the layers underneath the soil. Leaves, logs, stones  and sticks are also great for your garden bed (we’re sure you have lots lying around!).

Once you have filled your bed with a few layers of organic matter, you can top it up with soil/potting mix, being careful to not go all the way to the top as you might want to include some mulch on top as well. For more information, watch our video on how to fill your raised garden bed.  


Other FAQs about our Colorbond raised garden beds 


  • Can a raised garden bed help with weed control? 

Absolutely. If your raised garden bed is constructed, maintained and managed correctly, you should not have many weeds! Ideally, we recommend using garden fabric at the bottom of your galvanised garden bed to kill the grass and weeds underneath. 

  • What kind of vegetables can I grow in a raised garden bed? 

Growing vegetables is easy with raised vegetable garden beds! Root vegetables like radishes, carrots, turnips, onions, shallots and garlic are ideal for raised beds — the soil quality is much better and less compacted without foot traffic. We also recommend growing vegetables like tomatoes, artichokes, okra and sweet potatoes, all with deep roots. 

  • Do raised garden beds require much maintenance? 

No! Our Colorbond Steel and corrugated iron garden beds are highly weather-resistant, long-lasting and will protect your crops for years to come. All you need to worry about is caring for your vegetable garden.

  • Are your raised garden beds available in custom sizes? 

Not at this time, but contact our team for more recommendations and advice. 

  • Where can I buy these raised garden beds? 

The Organic Garden Co’s raised garden beds are commonly found in Bunnings and Mitre 10, but stock and availability may vary. You can also purchase through our online store, with Afterpay available for easy, staggered payments!

  • What shapes are available? 

We offer square, L-shaped, and rectangular raised garden beds. We also have a hexagonal design for those looking for more of a “round” shape. Our raised garden beds also come in various of sizes, so be sure to check the length, height and width before purchasing.

Shop raised bed planters online with the Organic Garden Co! We offer flexible payment options like Afterpay.